Agriculture was founded in 1987 by Ikontar and İdris Karadağcontinues to serve. We are in continuous development in order to ensure quality to our customers since the year of our establishment.
Ikontar agriculture as preferred by us, we always give importance to the satisfaction of our customers see as a solution partner. to follow global developments in order to give us confidence in the response of this sector of our range of products we use developments. with companies we take the appropriate vendor of the latest standards in this regard have been making continuous calls.
Our company and team of experts in the field of agriculture, livestock and machinery and equipment to services.
Perform the "Sütbank" innovative ideas such as our company gives a new perspective to the sector has created new areas of investment also will contribute to our country's economy.
Ikontar agriculture as we won our customers' satisfaction in the process since 1987 and maintained. Our company has been working as a specialist in the firm's business 
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